Newborn & Baby

A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above.
A handful of happiness, a heart full of love.

Capture those magical first fews days of your baby’s life with a Newborn session. Come in as soon as baby is born or better still, let us know your due date and we’ll work around you. To get that precious sleepy newborn look, baby should be photographed within the first 14 days.

There’s something special about every stage of your babys development. From 3-4 months when most babies are able to push up on their arms and hold their heads up – a great time to capture those early gummy smiles and the beautiful eyes that light up when they see you. At 6-7 months they are smiling and sitting up with nowhere to go, at 7- 9 months they are crawling and almost ready to take off at 1 year old! Whatever stage they’re at, we will capture those precious smiles and chubby little arms and legs, the shiny new teeth and the first steps towards independence . There will be lots of opportunities to make new memories.